Our origins

Pietro Masciulli was born in 1873, the founder, is the starting point of this story.

The first vine plantings date back to the years '15 - '18 during the Great War. The Southeast of Bari, remained untouched, it was characterized by vast tracts of land and forests, the production system was kind of landowner with tenant farmers and laborers.

The vines used for the first productions were divided. In 1947, Angelo, son of Peter, planted the first vineyards in the valley of “Canale di Pirro”. Between 60' and 80' Pietro (Angelo's son and nephew of the same name first) occupied the area near to the “Canae di Pirro” called "Terranova".

At the same time, Peter started the Winery Masciulli in the “Aia piccola”, the typical village in the Alberobello historic…