Quality and tradition in our wine

Masciulli's winery is situated in the heart of the trulli in Alberobello in Puglia. It has a long family's tradition in the agriculture.

The excellent geographical exposure and the favorable climate, allow the grapes to reach the right level of maturity.

The company's philosophy is expressed in the careful care of the vineyards, the grapes and the winemaking process. To get the excellence of the grapes, in every phase of production are combined old expertise and love of the land, with new technology in order to obtain wines that express the quality potential of the Apulian's viticulture. Plants and fruit are followed at every developement phasestage with traditional care.

The company's strengths, are looking for quality, respect for traditions and authenticity. The family run farm, care the whole process, the cultivation of the vine in full respect of nature, at the best price quality/ratio. The company performs the entire production process from grape to bottle in your cellar, near the monumental area "Aia Piccola".

Gold medal for our Prisciu

7 hectares of vineyards, ensure our company, founded in 1975, the production of excellent wines, whose quality has been rewarded with the mark "IGP Puglia". Among these there is the "Prisciu", sweet primitivo, awarded in 2012, at the National Sca Pramaggiore (VE) with a gold medal.

Our wines


Obtained by soft pressing and fermented at temperature-controlled of Verdeca and Bianco d'Alessano's ripe grapes.

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Obtained from a short and could maceration of Primitivo's grapes carefully collected.

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Primitivo and Lambrusco, obtained by short maceration of the marc.

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Obtained from Primitivo's grapes, ruby red with slight garnet.

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Obtained from Primitivo's grapes, ruby red with slight garnet.

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Wine tasting for groups

You can arrange a guided tour of our winery followed by a delicious tasting of our wines, accompanied by a selection of local products. Please book in advance.

via Cristoforo Colombo, 48 - 70011 Alberobello (BA)